When using the Scedule Business Edition you will experience booking meeting rooms in a completely new way. That lengthy search for a free room is no longer necessary!

Book a room immediately

You meet a colleague in the corridor and spontaneously decide to discuss an important topic. Do you walk from room to room looking through the gap in the door until you find a free one? From now on, simply press “Book a Room“ in Scedule. The tab “Define Time“ lets you filter available rooms by time and capacity. Mobile room booking has never made more sense.

Make sure the room is available before the appointment is made

Scedule naturally also takes room availability into account when organising a new meeting in advance. You only need to select the desired location or individual rooms and Scedule will display the dates on which it is available. The number of participants also automatically influences which rooms are offered as available.

Adding a room to an appointment subsequently

If you want to add a room to an existing appointment in your calendar, smartBooking can help. Simply press . All participants of the meeting are automatically notified.


Please note – only appointments from your Office365 calendar appear in this list, and only if you are the organizer of the appointment. Otherwise Office365 will prevent the extra room from being booked for security reasons.

You can also watch this to learn more about Smart Room Booking: https://scedule.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021604672-Smart-Room-Booking.