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Smart Scheduling

Use our IOS app, android app or outlook add in to quickly identify date proposals that suit you and your team

Schedule 1:1 meetings

Scedule identifies Scedule users that are your mutual contacts, to ensure privacy protection before matching availabilities for 1:1 meeting requests.

Schedule 1:n meetings

Scedule identifies whom of your contacts is using Scedule, in order to match availabilites for 1:n meeting requests.

Sync all your calendars

Scedule identifies your availability from all calendars. Synced data is limited to start, duration and location of events within the coming 180 days.

Match time zones

Scedule considers all invited users’ time zones, in order to ensure virtual meetings at daylight.

Meeting preferences

Scedule considers all invited users’ meeting preferences, such as working hours, capacity and whereabouts (e.g. home office days).

Request suitable date proposals

Let Scedule identify suitable date proposals to meet your team. Proposals are listed by priority (reflecing everybody’s utilization).

Request availability by time

Request the availability of trusted contacts. Scedule identifies whether a contact would be available, occupied or only virtually available.

Calendar view

Validate a date proposal with view of it at the same day in context to other events in your calendars.

Add location from Google Places

Scedule will identify the time zone at that location, to set the event accordingly. The location’s address data will be added to the event.

Configure your meeting ID

Add the URL or dial-in data from your favorite virtual conferencing tool (e.g. Zoom, Gotomeeting, Skype, Phone conference number).

Add meeting ID

Adding it to the request, will trigger Scedule to consider the invitees’ time zones and add the dial-in data to the event.

Send calendar invitation

Select a single date proposal. Scedule syncs it to your default calendar, which sends the event invitation to the defined invitees.

Smart Invitations

Use our iOS app or Android app to send multiple suitable date proposals to your invitees, requesting their specific preference.

Send e-mail invitation

Select up to 6 date proposals and send a link to a smart invitation via e-mail. Invitees can respond on their preferred dates.

Unlimited to users

Send unlimited smart invitations to contacts that are using Scedule as well. They can respond with our mobile apps or online.

Limited to non-users

Send up to 25 smart invitations per month to an unlimited number of non users (contacts that are not using Scedule). They can respond online.

Forward smart invitations

Invitees can forward the smart invitation to additional participants. The organizer can decide, whom he wants to send the calendar invitation.

Blocks events

Scedule blocks the date proposals in the calendars of users that have been invited, for the duration of the appointment request.

Send reminders

For ongoing smart invitations, you can send reminders. This is useful, if invitees did not respond yet but the meeting should happen soon.

Push notifications

Receive push notifications when you have been invited to a smart invitation, or your invitees responded on your smart invitations.

End smart invitation

Anytime, but prefereably when all invitees responded, you can end a smart invitation. Select the favorite date and send a calendar invitation.

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Premium Smart Invitations

Get a branded smart invitation in the look and feel of your company, to individually invite your business partners.

Your look & feel

Adapt the design of the smart invitation (logo, colors) to the corporate design of your company. Removes Scedule branding.

E-mail domain based license

Smart Invitations of licensed users with an e-mail address of your domain are presented in the look and feel of your company.

Unlimited to non-users

Unlimited smart invitations per month to an unlimited number of non users (contacts that are not using Scedule). They can respond online.

Smart Room Booking (optional)

Book meeting rooms in your Office365 account directly from Scedule and in context with the Smart Scheduling ability.

Office 365 backend integration

Scedule sources resource mailboxes. So you still manage your meeting rooms in Office365. Scedule identifies availability and capacity.

E-mail domain based license

Room Booking available for licensed users with an e-mail address of your domain, and an user account in your Office 365.

Add room to existing event

Users can see a list of all events in their Office365 calendar and easily add an available/capable room to each.

Search room

Users can search available meeting rooms by time and capacity. They can decide for a room and singularily book it.

Smart booking

Scedule reflects rooms singulary or by location, and their availability and capacity for identifying suitable date proposals.

Block rooms

Scedule blocks available rooms if needed. Blocks will be removed automatically, when a smart invitation has been decided.

Book rooms

Scedule ultimately books the meeting room. Booking happens as usual, by adding the room’s e-mail to the participants list of the calendar event.

Shared desks

Scedule can also be used to book equipment and shared desk. Therefor from available resources, it filters those with the capacity „1“.

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