Scheduling and Workflow Automation

42% of all meetings result in no action. No.1 reason: Poor planning. Scedule creates a seamless transition between scheduling and workflow to increase the productivity of collaboration.

Connect people from various sites

Book resources from different sources

Connect services to automate workflows

„The most valuable asset of a 21st century institution will be its knowledge workers and their productivity.“

Peter F. Drucker
renowned US economist

The Scedule API drives collaboration

A smart algorithm identifies best times to meet reflecting everybody invited, without sharing calendars.

Scedule integrates workplaces and meeting rooms from your groupware and ensures required bookings.

Instead of manually initiating services or follow-ups, Scedule automates your meeting workflows.

See how Scedule can increase your productivity.

Perfect for HR, Sales, Marketing, Project teams, IT and Consulting. Whenever the personal exchange of knowledge is decisive, but its organization is time-consuming.