The API to drive Collaboration

The incompatibility of systems forces a manual organization of appointments. Scedule automates this under a single interface. This enables more efficient and productive collaboration.

Connect people with various calendars

Book resources from various sources

Connect services to automate workflows

Scheduling meetings with SceduleManual scheduling today

No more back and forth of e-mails and phone calls, just to figure out, when everybody is available.

Our smart algorithm determines when employees and business partners are available, across time zones and calendar systems.

Overbooked rooms or searching for Webex access data are a thing of the past.

Required resources managed in your existing groupware and virtual conference services are booked automatically.

To order services by e-mail does not ensure compliance and accountability.

The API initiates any meeting-related service according to your specific workflows, compliance and accounting demands.

Availability of people and resources across systems

  • Trustee of availability information (DSGV compliant)
  • Taken from iOS, Android, Outlook, Smart Invitation
  • Cross-organizational: employees and partners
  • Books resources from Office 365 and MS Exchange

Automated workflows to increase productivity

  • Compliance rules define workflows
  • Automatic order of services (e.g. catering)
  • Integration in collaboration tools (e.g. Sharepoint)
  • Report of bookings for cost center posting

See how Scedule can increase your productivity.

Perfect for HR, Sales, Marketing, Project teams, IT and Consulting. Whenever the personal exchange of knowledge is decisive, but its organization is time-consuming.

Use Cases


Integration into your tools

Trigger Scedule from within those tools that your workforce is already using to collaborate (e.g. Sharepoint). The user experiences communication, project work and appointments in one interface.


Individual networking

Organizing an applicant’s interview is different from scheduling a phone call with a customer. Scedule can map individual appointment requests and initiate specific follow-up processes.

On Campus

Networking of locations

Simple appointment organization between locations becomes possible if every employee has access to the respective resources and services. E.g. schedule a video conference between two teams in 1 minute.

Smart Office

Scheduling the IoT

The booking of shared desks cannot be mapped using calendar systems alone. The status and condition of a workstation can only be recorded by sensors. Scedule can be the link to your groupware.

„The most valuable asset of a 21st century institution will be its knowledge workers and their productivity.“

Peter F. Drucker
renowned US economist

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