Make appointments easy.

Finding an appointment that makes sense for everyone is time-consuming. The participants’ preferences are rarely known. Once they have been painstakingly organized, it lacks of an available conference room.

Our smart algorithm takes the work off your hands. With artificial intelligence, it takes the availabilities even of external business partners into account and books the required resources at the same time.

Meaningful date suggestions
at your fingertips.

Within seconds, Scedule not only provides suggestions for appointments that fit in every participant's calendar, but also in their personal planning.

The relevance of the appointment, your individual workload, time zones, ... we could describe all the parameters of our smart algorithm here, but just experience it in action!

External Business Partners
professionally invited.

Scedule does not end at the borders of your organization. After all, the personal contact relation determines whether availabilities are matched or not. This makes it ideal for use in agile projects.

But even contacts that are not using Scedule are considered. Based on the determined appointment options, you can start an interactive survey with just one click.

Automatic meeting room bookings
integrated into your Office 365.

It goes without saying that Scedule takes into account the availability of suitable rooms, reserves them when an appointment is still in the vote and automatically books them when the final decision is made.

A room can also be booked for existing appointments. Scedule simply reads the time and personnel requirements from the appointment and informs each participant about the room change.

Your availabilities
held in trust.

Scedule is not interested in your appointments. You still manage these in your calendar. Scedule is interested in the free times in between and in your individual preferences.

Instead of sharing calendars, Scedule places the participants' availabilities on top of each other and determines useful date suggestions. Conclusions on the individual's plans are not possible.

Virtual Participation
connects the time zones.

If an appointment is to take place virtually, Scedule takes into account the participants' different time zones. The proposed dates may then no longer be within your working hours, but certainly not in your bedtime.

Reserve Shared Desks
depending on your schedule.

Flexible workstations need a system for their administration and booking. However, an organization does not become more flexible if it introduces a new tool for this purpose.

Office 365 can manage any type of resource. All you need is a simple and contemporary way to book them. Scedule.