Efficiently manage collaboration.

Not only schedules meetings.
Organizes them.

  Meeting Coordination

Identifies date proposals that take into account individual plans of each invitee.

  Groupware Integration

Automatically integrates the booking of required meeting rooms and conference systems.

  Workflow Automation

Automates the ordering of all meeting-related services of your company.

How it works.

Smart Sceduling.

Finds meaningful appointments reflecting everybody’s availability.
And books the meeting room at the same time.

Finds meaningful dates

A smart algorithm calculates date proposals that fit each invitee’s planning.

Availabilities held in trust

Understands and works with all calendars but does not publish them to the world.

Books meeting rooms

Direct access to the resources managed in your groupware (Office365, MS Exchange).

Considers all invitees

Want to invite external business partners that do not use Scedule? Works anyway!

Connects time zones

Reflects everybody’s time zone and shares access to your conference system.

Books shared desks

Shared Desk reservation based on the schedule and next to the team members.