Interaction creates value, so scheduling and organizing meetings must be simple. But it is not. It is the inefficiency in arranging business meetings that drives us. Our mission is to make the meeting-dominated workday of more than 150 million people worldwide more productive.

Inefficiency in arranging business meetings

Using human intelligence and manual effort only to determine the availability of participants of a planned appointment is not up-to-date. On the contrary: it damages productivity and hinders the focus on the actual work. Private plans, preferences and priorities are not reflected as they should be. 

We believe that the advantages of the Future of Work and Digital Workplaces, as its flexibility and mobility, need to be considered even more and automatically when managing collaboration. But it is still the user who connects different tools and organizational systems. That does not satisfy the modern needs of our working world. And this is what inspired us to create Scedule.

Completely organise your meetings

Scedule’s smart algorithm replaces human intelligence. It identifies date proposals that take into account individual plans of each invitee, automatically integrates the booking of required meeting rooms and conference systems, and automates the ordering of all related services of the company. Above all, the premise is to protect the privacy of the personal calendar as well as the protection of all associated data. 

Organize collaboration more efficiently with Scedule as your single interface to your meeting ecosystem.