Imagine that you urgently need to arrange a meeting. Because you want to discuss aspects of your project. In times like this it is your own availability, not necessarily that of your colleagues, that is the deciding factor.

For example if you want to set the date for next Wednesday at 10 a.m.. Enter this date under the tab “Define Time”. Scedule now shows you whether your trusted contacts are available, can only participate virtually from the home office or are bound by another appointment.



This enables you to send a quick personal message to the double-booked colleague. So you can see if they could rearrange, before sending out a general meeting invitation.

How is Scedule different from Bar View in Outlook?

Scedule not only considers all the user’s calendars. But it can also differentiates between local and virtual availability of participants. The input of private obligations in the company calendar – if permitted at all – is no longer necessary.

Experience the advantages of Scedule’s Outlook Add In: