Smart Scheduling for Teams

Stop wasting your time figuring out when all are available. Schedule meetings with Scedule. Because it can quickly provide date proposals that suit you and everybody invited.

You decide for the participants

Scedule identifies their availability

You meet at the best of times

Date proposals that really suit everyone and make sense

  • Availability from all calendars
  • Individual preferences considered
  • Working hours, workload, whereabouts, …
  • Matching time zones for virtual meetings

Attendees do not have to use Scedule just to be considered

  •  Scedule users are covered automatically
  •  Resulting in qualified date proposals
  •  Send up to 25 Smart Invitations a month
  •  Scedule coordinates the responses

Easily provide dial-in data
and match time zones

  • No more copy & paste of complex dial-ins
  • Configure your favourite conferencing tool
  • Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, … whatever
  • Scedule makes sure that everybody can dial-in

Use your usual calendar without sharing your plans

  • Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, iCal, Google Calendar
  • Covers all obligations; private and business
  • Sends invitations by sync with your calendar
  • Trustee principle preserves privacy

At your fingertips and on your desktop

  • Available for your smartphone (iOS, Android)
  • Syncs with all your calendars on the device
  • Always keep an eye on appointment invitations
  • Outlook Add In for your desktop available

Try Scedule in your Team. It’s free.

Perfect for Project Managers, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Recruiters, Sales Representatives and Product Managers.


„Our team is distributed across organizations and time zones. With Scedule we find the best time for a video conference in seconds.“

Business Development Manager
Claus Darnstädt
Business Development

„Scedule even considers my whereabouts. For days when I will be working in my home office, I only get invitations to meetings where I can dial in.“

Managing Consultant
Matthias Adrian
Mgt. Consultant

„I love that Scedule not only anticipates our appointment conflicts, but also considers our workload and individual preferences.“

Senior Project Manager
Silvio Passadakis
Project Manager

„All calendars synced with my Smartphone are taken into account. Conflicts between job and private appointments no longer occur.“

Marketing Manager
Mirko Boldt
Marketing Manager